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Best Car Seat Stroller Combo Reviews

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Parents want baby products with multiple uses, such as a stroller that can be converted into a car seat. Such versatility is appreciated considering the number of products that parents can buy for their kids’ safety and for their own convenience. Every 2-in-1, or 3-in-1 baby product purchased means less space needed, more uses enjoyed, and lower expenses involved.

This is true for the best car seat-stroller combo, a 2-in-1 baby product that combines a stroller and a car seat. The stroller seat can be detached from the stroller and used as a car seat; thus, the stroller’s versatility.

Instead of bringing two products, a stroller and a car seat, when traveling, parents only need to take one—truly, a modern-day convenience for which our ancestors would envy us. 

If you're new to Car Seat Stroller Combos then we recommend checking out our Car Seat Stroller Combo Guide before making your purchase. You can then head back here to find the best car seat stroller combo that is right for you once you are fully informed.

Best Car Seat Stoller Combo Reviews

Disney Saunter Luxe Travel System, Floral Minnie

​Disney’s baby products are popular partly because of their familiar characters and because of their excellent quality. The Saunter Luxe Travel System with its Minnie Mouse-inspired design makes it to our list of the best car seat stroller combo for this reason.

Weight, size and fit​

The stroller can be used by a child weighing up to 50 lbs.; thus, it’s a from birth-to-toddler baby product. The seat is roomy enough even for an older kid, while a younger child can still be safely strapped in it (i.e., no slipping and sliding out of it).

The car seat, when it’s removed from the stroller, easily fits into a standard car, while also fitting in quickly and securely on top of the stroller.

Features and advantages​

Many parents complain about the heavy weight of contemporary car seat-stroller combos contributing to their lower back and arm pain. But with the Disney Saunter, the entire product is relatively lightweight so it’s easy to push and pull, as well as lift into a trunk for transport and storage. Even folding it with one hand is easy when you already know where to start the process.

The assembly was easier than it looked, too, with just 15 minutes or so spent on it, with faster results when the instructions are read beforehand. Everything just seems to snap into place.

Once assembled, the stroller looks and feels sturdy, stable and beautiful, as well as easy to push and pull, even on less-than-smooth surfaces. The features, such as the roomy storage area for your purse and your baby’s diaper bag, the parents’ tray, and the peek-a-boo window, are obviously designed for the parent’s convenience. The car seat can be quickly latched onto the stroller and also easily detached with a few clicks.


The carriage under the stroller may provide sufficient room for various things but it isn’t easy to get them out. The stroller also doesn’t have extra storage, only the handle.

Is this the best combo for you?

The Disney Saunter is a great budget-friendly option, especially if you’re looking for a lightweight, yet sturdy car seat-stroller combo with basic features.

​The trend in baby products is in providing parents with easy-to-use travel systems, a must in our mobile lifestyles. The Baby Trend EZ Ride 5 is right on the money, so to speak.

Weight, size and fit​

The stroller can be used from your baby’s birth until he reaches 50 lbs., usually as a preschooler. The car seat accommodates an infant 5-30 lbs. in weight, and with a height of 30” or less; the height and weight limit should be followed for safety reasons.

Features and advantages​

The 3-wheel stroller is easy to maneuver over a wide range of surfaces from city asphalt to country pavement, a must for parents who travel. Even with a baby riding in it, you will find it easy to push, pull, and turn, thanks to the smooth-riding wheels, even when jogging. The system includes the stroller itself and the infant seat, with both parts each coming with a 5-point safety harness.

The car seat also comes with a base for quick and easy installation in your car, as well as an EPS-energy absorbent foam for a comfortable ride and optimal protection. The stroller also features a seat with a thick, comfortable and cool padding, as well as a mechanism that allows for multiple reclining position. In both cases, a large head support with thick padding can be used for your baby’s added comfort.

For your part as a parent, you have the convenience of a covered parent tray with cup holders, a height-adjustable handle bar, and a large storage basket. You can check your baby via the peek-a-boo window and take advantage of the 1-hand fold mechanism.


There’s only one base that comes with the package so if you will be using it in two cars, you have to buy another base. You may also find the car seat to be narrower than some infant seats, but it can be an advantage if you have more than one car seat in your vehicle.

Is this the best combo for you?

If you’re a parent who wants a stroller-car seat combo that “grows” with your baby, then this is the product for you.

​Graco is well known for its wide range of baby products from car seats to cribs, most of them notable for their durability, functionality and beauty. The Graco Fastaction also fits the bill

Weight, size and fit​

The stroller can accommodate a child weighing up to 50 pounds. You can enjoy years of use with it, especially with proper care and maintenance.

Features and advantages​

The Graco has a sturdy appearance that belies its lightweight nature, which contributes to its portability and maneuverability. The stroller, without the infant car seat, weighs 22 pounds.

The infant car seat can accommodate a child between 4 and 35 lbs., as well as with a height of up to 32”; thus, it’s one of the larger seats of its kind. You should install it in a rear-facing position in your car. You will find the EPS energy-absorbing foam adding to your peace of mind, just one of the many features tested for safety.

Other safety features include the body support for cradling your child’s head and neck, the on-base level indicator on the stay-in-car base, and the 5-point safety harness with front adjustment. You will know that the car seat has been latched on securely to its base, thanks to the indicator, and your baby is safely strapped in it. You can also adjust the seat for your baby’s optimum comfort.

Parent-friendly features include the expandable canopy, peek-a-boo window, and parent’s tray for bringing along your essentials. Plus, you can quickly fold the stroller with just one hand.


The higher price can be a turn-off for many parents. But since you’re paying for quality, safety and versatility, then it should be worth every dollar.

Is this the best combo for you?

The Graco is a great option if you’re looking for a stroller-car seat combo that can be used for several years, the higher cost notwithstanding.


In the end, the best car seat-stroller combo will address your own criteria including the price, features and functions, and ease of operation from assembling and using to folding and transporting. You have to carefully consider your options, perhaps starting with the top three on our list.


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