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All in One Car Seat Reviews – 4 of the Best for 2021

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All About All In One Car Seat Reviews

All in one car seats are the most expensive type of car seat that you can buy. However they also offer the best long term value by transitioning as your baby grows from infant to toddler to junior. As a result, they are the only seat you will ever need to buy for your loved one.

In these All in One Car Seat Reviews we've selected four popular models for review that will suit a range of budgets. So, if you are looking for the convenience these seats provide, read on to find the one for you.

1. Graco 4Ever 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

Graco 4Ever 4-in-1 Car Seat

This convertible car seat is a very practical choice for a car seat because it can be used for up to ten years. From the day your baby is born up to the time that he or she reaches 120 pounds, you can use the Graco 4ever all in one seat.

From 4 lbs to 40 lbs, you can place your baby rear-facing in the Graco4Ever harness. You can then change to a forward facing harness car seat when your baby is from 20 lbs to 65 lbs. The high back belt-positioning booster is recommended when your child is 30 lbs to 100 lbs and then backless belt-positioning booster from 40 lbs to 120 lbs. It can literally be transformed as your baby grows into a child.

Even if your child uses it for a long time, safety will not be compromised. It uses the Simply Safe Adjust Harness System and a 10-position headrest so you can adjust them together easily for your child’s comfort.

Installation is also very easy with Graco’s exclusive InRight LATCH attachment. You just have to position it and listen to a click which serves as your cue that it has been installed properly.


Because of its great features, the Graco 4ever All-in-One Convertible Car Seat received a lot of positive feedback from customers who purchased the product.

  • There is plenty of padding for a little baby to feel comfortable and safe.
  • It has plenty of height in the headrest.
  • One of the lighter-weight all-in-one car seats you will find at only 22lbs.
  • Installation is very easy using either the seat belt or the push-on LATCH connectors.
  • Fits securely in a car with room to spare.
  • Straps are easy to adjust and tighten (no rethread harness).
  • There are two cup holders which can be very handy during long trips.
  • Stylish, comfortable, and safe.

NHTSA Ease of Use Ratings

Booster Seat Reviews

"Best Bet" Booster Seat Rating

Car Seat Blog "Editor's Pick"

Highly rated in Consumer Reports Crash Testing

Wonderful Easy Setup

I bought this carseat twice for my twins, after researching for a long time on various websites in various countries. It had great reviews not just in the USA but also in Germany where they take safety very seriously. The set up was very easy in my SUV. And the kids liked it from the very beginning. 

Kathy86 Graco 4ever Customer Reviews


This may be one of the best all in one car seats, but there are still areas that need to be improved on:

  • The fabric is not breathable.
  • Some forward facing recline positions are limited by child weight.
  • Does not have a canopy to block out the sun.

As mentioned, the Graco 4ever all in one is said to be one of the best in the market and it is highly recommended by our trusted sources for Car Seat Ratings and in user feedback that we've reviewed. In particular it received an excellent rating in Consumer Reports testing for crash protection.

A common complaint with many all-in-one car seats is that one of their use modes is usually not as good as the others. However, this cannot be said of the Graco 4ever, which performs very well in all of its intended uses. Some say it is a bit pricey but since your baby can use it for up to 10 years, the price is definitely worth it.

The strength of this car seat has also been tested many times as confirmed by customers who got involved in an accident yet their children were not harmed because of the Graco 4ever car seat. Because of that, this should definitely one of your top choices.

Graco 4Ever 4-in-1 Car Seat

Is currently available at a discount price on Amazon:

2. Graco SlimFit All-in-One Convertible Car Seat

Graco SlimFit 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat, Ultra-Space-Saving Design, Darcie, Suitable for Rear and Forward-Facing, Highback Booster Seat with 10-Position Headrest

This car seat can be used by a child who weighs up to 100 lbs. Your baby will be kept secured rear facing in a 5-point harness from 5lbs and can be transformed to a forward facing seat once your child is about 22 lbs to 65 lbs.

When your child gets bigger, you can convert the car seat to a belt-positioning booster and use it until your child gets too big for it. You can really maximize the use of three car seats in one product.

The Simply Safe Adjust Harness System means you can easily adjust the harness and headrest together, to accommodate your growing child with ease. In addition, the InRight LATCH system makes installation easy with a one-second attachment. Furthermore, the 3-in-one seat has a 4 position recline for your child's comfort.

It also offers convenience, especially for the parents, because it has an “on-the-go” five position recline so you can recline your child even when he or she is in the seat.


Customers also love this car seat because of the following:

  • The 5 point harness can be used for many years as it is rated up to 65 lbs.
  • Really easy to install - the base can be used in both rear and forward facing modes making this simple to do.
  • Can be installed with the hook on LATCH connectors or using the seat belt.
  • Easy to adjust, no re-thread harness.
  • The seat has plenty of room for a growing child.
  • It has a variety of seat settings.
  • High rating in crash tests including Side Impact tests.
  • It is snug and protective yet still so comfortable.
  • The unique, rotating cup holders simply rotate away, making the seat 10% slimmer to save precious back seat space

NHTSA Ease of Use Ratings  Rear Facing Mode

NHTSA Ease of Use Ratings Forward Facing Mode

NHTSA Ease of Use Ratings Highback Booster Mode


However, there are also some drawbacks:

  • The seat belt guides are widely spaced and might position the belt too far out wide on your child's shoulder in booster mode.
  • The cover is quite difficult to remove for washing and getting it back on after.

The main selling point of the Graco SlimFit is its safety. Key safety features are the steel reinforced frame and the EPS energy absorbing foam. In addition, the seat has been side impact tested for occupant retention as well as meeting or exceeding all US Safety Standards. Because of its high rating in crash tests, most parents will not think twice in getting this for their children. If safety is your priority, then you should too. 

Just like any car seat, the Graco SlimFit also has its own pros and cons. It is cheaper than the Graco 4ever so a great choice if budget is a key consideration.

In fact, it is a bargain price for a 3-in-1 car seat. The SlimFit is also an excellent choice if you have a small car or need to get another car seat in the back seat due to its 10% slimmer design.

3. Evenflo Symphony Convertible Car Seat

Evenflo Symphony Elite All-in-One Convertible Car Seat, Porter, 27.625 x 20.875 x 20.875

Evenflo Sympony is another easy to install car seat because it uses exclusive, auto retracting, SureLATCH connectors. You can even install it in only a minute. All you have to do is click the LATCH into your car and push down to tighten.

It can hold an infant weighing 5 lbs up to a child weighing 110 lbs. It can be converted from a rear facing position (up to 40lbs), to a forward facing position (up to 65lbs), and then finally to a booster mode for a grown child (up to 110lbs).

The 5-point harness can be easily adjusted from the front of the car seat so that you can get your child in and out without having to exert too much effort. It also has an infinite slide harness which provides an easy, safe, and accurate fit as your child grows.

It also features an upfront multi-position recline which allows you to adjust it for your child, even while he or she is sleeping. This is great because you can make your child feel more comfortable without the worries of waking him or her up as you adjust.

The best of all is that the Evenflo Symphony car seat has an e3 Side Impact Protection which ensures that your child will experience less impact in case of an accident. This feature significantly reduces the force up to 50 percent through an expanded zone of protection.


Aside from these great features, customers also shared the things that they like about the Evenflo Symphony Convertible Car Seat:

  • It fits snug and has a lot of cushion for a nice long ride.
  • There is plenty of adjustable shoulder height.
  • You get more for your money as it can be converted to a booster seat.
  • It is safe, sturdy, and protective.
  • Superb value at under $200!


However, there are also some things that they do not like:

  • Babys’ head slumps forward while sleeping.
  • It was not durable enough as the material under the fabric is a Styrofoam.

Highly rated in Consumer Reports Testing 

NHTSA Ease of Use Ratings Forward & Rear Facing Modes

NHTSA Ease of Use Ratings Highback Booster Mode

Booster Seat Reviews

"Best Bet" Booster Seat Rating

The positive features of this car seat make up for all the negative ones. For one, the Side Impact Protection is such a big deal because it concerns the safety of your child. Not to mention the fact that it only costs less than $200 so it is really a great buy.

4.Diono Radian 3RXT All-in-One Convertible Car Seat

Diono Radian 3RXT

What makes our final seat of our All In One Car Seat Reviews stand among the others is that it has a full steel frame. That alone makes it one of the safest car seats that you can buy in the market today.

With the Radian RXT’s design, you can be assured that it has enough strength to withstand any force that may harm your child.

Aside from the full steel frame, it also has aluminium enforced side walls and head support lined with thick EPS foam for a side impact protection. It also features a SafeStop energy absorbing harness which also reduces impact on the child. Its rear facing tether capability also reduces the risk of seat rotation during an impact.

The Diono Radian RXT can be used by children up to 120 lbs, which is higher than a lot of seats. Furthermore it can be used Forward Facing up to 80lbs.

It features an adjustable head support which offers 12 height settings so it can adapt to fit your child’s comfort. Unlike other car seats which are very bulky and heavy, the Radian RXT has a slim profile. In fact, you can fit three of it in most cars.

Aside from the slim design, it also sits relatively low so placing your child in it would not have to be too difficult and complicated. Storage and transportation will also not be a problem because it has a folding design to make parents’ lives easier. It also has a cup holder for extra convenience and in case the drink spills, the car seat cover is machine washable so you can keep it clean all the time for your little one.


Other great features of this product include:

  • Nothing compares to the strength of this seat.
  • Increased weight capacity compared to the other All in One Car Seats makes this seat able to accommodate larger kids.
  • It was easy to install using the seat belt and the latch (except rear facing - see below)
  • The micro suede type fabric is so easy to clean.
  • The clips have great quality and the shoulder pads are nice and soft.
  • Easy to carry as a backpack when traveling.
  • With an overall width of only 17 inches the seat is narrow so you may fit 3 car seats in the back in some vehicles.

NHTSA Ease of Use Ratings

Booster Seat Reviews

"Best Bet" Booster Seat Rating

Car Seat Blog Recommended


Meanwhile, some of the drawbacks of this seat and things that customers did not like are the following:

  • It is more difficult to install rear facing than the other seats in this review.
  • No recline indicator.
  • There were issues with the chest straps as they would not tighten enough.
  • The head wings were not easy to adjust.
  • The padding is useless for bigger children.
  • It didn't score as well in Consumer Reports crash testing as the other 3 seats in these All in One Car Seat Reviews

When it comes to strength and durability, the Radian RXT is undoubtedly the best among the car seats that we have reviewed. Buying this for your child is definitely a good idea, especially if you have a smaller car because the design is also slimmer than the others.

The Diono Radian RXT All-In-One Convertible Car Seat may not be the most popular, but it is very competitive when it comes to the features. Probably, the main selling point of this car seat is the material as well as the portability as it is the only one which can be worn as a backpack if ever you need to travel with it.

Diono Radian 3RXT

Is currently available at a discount price on Amazon:


There may be a lot of all in one car seat reviews which feature other car seat models so it is also best to read them too and do further research. At least you already have an idea and you can also make a list of your preferred models.

All you have to do is find more information which can help you with your decision. Just remember that you should stick to those which can provide what you and your child need – convenience, comfort, security, and most of all, safety.


Robert is a father of a young daughter and has developed an expertise in child car seat safety. He is a keen supporter of the use of child safety systems having seen his daughter come away from a side impact collision unscathed due to the use of a child car seat. When he's not spending time reviewing child safety systems he works as a Technical Manager on major construction projects.

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