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Best Car Seat for Small Cars – 4 Great Options for a Perfect Fit

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What is the Best Car Seat for a Small Car?

When you have a small car or know you’ll be traveling in a small car with your child, it’s best to know what types of car seats will fit comfortably in them. Even if you don’t have a small car, this can keep you covered in the event that someone else close to you has one, such as a babysitter, family member or friend. Besides that, these car seats will be easily portable and offer as much support as possible without being oversized. Here are some of the top car seats for small cars.

Safety 1st Guide 65 Convertible Car Seat

This seat is perfect for compact cars, because it doesn’t take up much room. Besides that, this one comes in 5 different colors to meet the personality of your little one. It also can change as your child grows, so it can be rear or front facing.


  • Can face front or rear
  • Has removable cup holder
  • Features 5 point harness
  • Head rest can be adjusted
  • Comes in 5 colors


  • May be hard to learn how to put in car properly
  • Not good for infants

Some people reported that they didn’t feel comfortable putting their infant in this seat. However, it is designed to accommodate children starting at 5 pounds, so it would be fine to use for your new baby.


Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat

This seat is extra strong on the sides to protect you in the event of an accident. It can be utilized in the car, and even be taken on most airplanes if you need to. It is also lightweight and has a removable pillow, so it is great for your baby and can keep them comfortable.


  • Comes in different styles
  • Great structural integrity
  • Removable pillow
  • Adjustable harness
  • Good for travelling, even on an airplane
  • Lightweight


  • Some seats may have sharp edges on plastic
  • Might be too big or small for some children

This one comes in many different colors, so you don’t have to get a boring plain looking car seat. Just be careful when you are installing it because there may be sharp edges on the plastic surrounding the seat.


Graco ComfortSport Convertible Car Seat, Zara

This Graco seat has a place for baby’s drinks and snacks on the side. That way you don’t have to worry about losing them in the car. It also has a specially designed safety harness and straps, which have all been tested for safety.


  • Can be used from infancy to toddler aged – transforms from rear facing to forward facing
  • Can protect babies that are 5 pounds and up
  • LATCH equipped with an easy to read level indicator for easy installation


  • The chest plate is easy to unbuckle, even for young children
  • May be hard to put into car and maneuver for some
  • Some users have reported the straps do not adjust evenly and it’s hard to pull the straps to tighten them

This is a slim line product that will fit great in any type of vehicle. There is a very girly model and a model that would be perfect for either boys or girls. It can last a long time and sit either way in a seat to save you money.


Disney APT Convertible Car Seat, Mouseketeer Minnie

This is one of the cutest car seats you will ever find. It is an officially licensed Disney product, so the seat is designed to look like Minnie or Mickey, depending on which one you buy. It doesn’t skimp on safety features and the harness can be adjusted to fit just right.


  • Cute designs for boys or girls
  • Multi-point harness
  • 2 cup holders
  • Protection from side impact


  • Not enough padding for some

Some people that own this product thought that there wasn’t enough padding for their child’s body. However, this is a great car seat to keep as a backup or to give to a relative for when your child goes to visit them.



All the seats in this article are convertible car seats, which are great from infancy until a child becomes a toddler around 2 years old. A baby needs to sit rear-facing and after they reach a certain weight, the seat can be turned around and is forward facing. Each of these products will do that and more.

If you are going for the cute factor, the Disney APT Convertible Car Seat can’t be beat. Even though it’s cute, it is still safe. It also has handy cup holders and a powerful adjustable harness to keep a kid snug in the back seat.

The device with the most features is the Safety 1st Guide 65 Convertible Car Seat. It comes in 5 different colors, has a headrest that can be adjusted, and you can even remove the cup holder. The harness is also able to fit any child properly and you can fit 3 of these seats across the average automobile’s back seat, in case you have a bunch of kids to cart around or are the parent of multiples.

For the sturdiest option, try the Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat. It has an extra strong body that protects from impact and has more than one shoulder harness. It also has other straps that can be adjusted for a perfect fit and the seat fits great in most vehicles, without too much headache.

Lastly, the Graco ComfortSport Convertible Seat is a great option for a small car, and comes in a design for boys and girls. Some don’t love this one because they say it is hard to put in your car, but with a little practice, you can be a pro at installing this seat.

If you want to see additional car seats that are good for any car and hear about more features and protection, that’s what we are all about here at Kid Sitting Safe. The site is designed to offer parents lots of advice all in the same place. 


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