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Best Double Tandem Stroller – 4 Top Choices for 2019

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When you’re looking for a reliable stroller for your little ones, investing in the best double tandem stroller might make sense. Perhaps you're expecting twins or already have a young one and are expecting your second.

Either way, if you need a stroller for two the market is filled with products that provide a nice assembly of features, meeting each family’s needs and lifestyle.

Double or Tandem Stroller?

Of course the design of a double tandem stroller differs from the side-by-side seats you see in a standard double umbrella stroller or double jogging stroller. Parents often prefer the tandem design due to its narrower width compared to a double. They are also more versatile for using with just one child since they can convert to a single and are much easier to store and fold away. Make sure you're aware of all the pros and cons of double vs tandem strollers before you buy.

If you've decided that a tandem stroller is your best option then we've found some great options at very reasonable prices. The double tandem strollers we are about to present to you have been tested, and have reached our top 4!

Joovy Caboose Stand-on Tandem Stroller

Joovy Caboose Too Sit and Stand Double Stroller Featuring Universal Car Seat Adapter, 3-Way Reclining Seats, Option to Use Rear Seat, Bench Seat, or Standing Platform (Black)

Joovy design and manufacture high-quality baby gear products and accessories and are quickly picking up popularity with parents across the world. They are US based and have international distributors across 18 countries.

The Joovy Caboose stand-on tandem stroller is a reliable item, weighing 26 lbs. The minimum age for the front seat is of six months, and the rear seat maximum weight is 45 lbs.

Features and Advantages

This tandem stroller requires minimal assembly. In fact, you can easily put this together, by simply following the comprehensive set of instructions.

There are four ways in which you can arrange the kids, depending on your needs and preferences. Each of the configurations facilitates enough room so that the children stay comfortable.

Additionally, the design is practical, being narrow enough so that you can easily fit the stroller through doors. Handling it is easy, as you can even push it with one hand.

What is more, the seats can be reclined, whereas the buckles are effortless to operate. Handling the stroller is also easy, which comes as an advantage. Furthermore, folding and unfolding this is efficient and quick.

On a final note, considering that it is a double stroller, it is surprisingly lightweight.

Considerations and Disadvantages

Since this is a small stroller, you should note that the storage space is restricted. That being said, you should see if you’ll have enough space to carry all your kids need during walks. What is more, the wheels tend to make a squeaky, unpleasant noise, which can be disturbing.

You shouldn’t use it on rough terrains since it is designated for city usage.

Is This the Best Double Tandem Stroller for You?

If you’re searching for the best double tandem stroller that allows you to choose from 4 usage configurations, this would be a decent pick. It is perfect for city usage, it is lightweight and maneuvering it is a breeze.

Contours Options Elite Tandem Double Stroller

No products found.

Contours is a US based, family owned and operated company that has been developing baby products for over 70 years. They specialize in strollers and baby carriers.

The Contours Options Elite Tandem Double Stroller is the definition of versatility. You can use it for children as small as 5 lbs., whereas the maximum weight recommendation is 80 lbs. And, most importantly, it features 7 distinct seating configurations.

Features and Advantages

Without a doubt, the multitude of seat configurations is the selling point of this item. Most importantly, the two seats operate independently from one another.

Some strollers necessitate reclining both seats or using sunshade for both seats. This isn’t the case with this stroller because it allows you to accommodate the setting for each child’s preference.

Meanwhile, the seats are removable, meaning that you could perfectly use it as a single stroller with massive storage space.

Furthermore, you’ll also get an infant car seat adapter. The best part is that it is universal, meaning that it will work with almost every brand.

The frame features a sturdy, durable construction, and folding it is rather easy, considering its large size.

Considerations and Disadvantages

In spite of all the benefits, this is a heavy stroller – 38 lbs. Concurrently, the folded dimensions are quite big as well, namely 38.5 inches by 21 inches by 25 inches. Additionally, you will have to purchase the child snack tray and console separately, as they aren’t included with the stroller.

Is This the Best Double Tandem Stroller for You?

Overall, this stroller offered by Contour Options is an excellent option for parents with two children of different ages. It works excellently with twins as well – making it really versatile.

No products found.

Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Stroller

Baby Trend Sit N' Stand Double Stroller, Carbon

​Many parents want to invest in a Graco tandem stroller because the manufacturer is known to produce high-quality child car seats at affordable prices. The maximum weight recommendation is 40 lbs., and this tandem stroller is characterized by a bunch of premium features.

Features and Advantages

The main benefit about this stroller is how easily maneuverable it is. Plus, it holds up pretty well on rougher terrains, as well. Pushing it is easy, as well, since the handles are well angled to facilitate this action.

As for the height of this Graco tandem stroller, it is suitable for both tall and short parents. At the same time, the swivel lockable wheels increase the smoothness of the ride.

Most importantly, though, this Graco tandem stroller provides unmatched versatility. You can use it with babies of different ages. Meanwhile, you have plenty of storage options. It also accepts car seats, and the material used is durable and easy to wash.

Considerations and Disadvantages

You should know that the handlebar of this Graco tandem stroller isn’t adjustable or padded.

Is This the Best Double Tandem Stroller for You?

This could pass off as the best double tandem stroller due to its durability, maneuverability, and convenience. Check out the video below to decide if this is the one for you!

Dream On Me Villa Tandem Stroller

Dream On Me Villa Tandem Stroller, Black and Raspberry Pink

​The Dream On Me brand is part of a family of brands owned by the Dream On Me Family Business. Based in the US, they design and manufacture a wide range of baby products. Their brands include Dream On Me, Mia Moda, Evolur and Rest Assure.

This Dream On Me double tandem stroller’s maximum weight capacity is 66 lbs., and weighs 27 lbs.

Features and Advantages 

The design of this stroller illustrates convenience. Being equipped with sealed ball-bearing wheels, and four-wheel suspension, this stroller ensures a smooth, comfortable ride, over all types of terrains.

It features an aluminum construction, so you can rest assured that this stroller will withstand heavy use.

The item comes equipped with a universal car seat adapter, which is a handy addition. Plus, the large storage basket is widely appreciated by parents. It also folds compactly, meaning that it doesn’t occupy a lot of storage space.

Considerations and Disadvantages

This stroller isn’t the most lightweight option. You should take this into account if you intend to take this item with you on trips.

Is This the Best Double Tandem Stroller for You? 

There are many reasons why this product could be regarded as the best double tandem stroller. Its durable construction and convenient design are worth noting in this respect.


Each of the items we presented to you in this review could be described as the best double tandem stroller. It’s up to you to analyze each alternative in detail and establish which one addresses your needs best. Happy shopping!


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