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FAA Approved Car Seats These Car Seats are the Only Seat You Can Use on Airplanes

FAA Approved Car Seats – These Car Seats are the Only Seat You Can Use on Airplanes

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The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is the agency responsible for regulating the use of car seats on airplanes in the United States. It is now a fact that not all car seats are approved to be used on aircrafts even though some manufacturers may still have you believe that their car seat is FAA approved. Because you are concerned about your child’s safety, we have gathered car seats that are approved by the FAA so that you can make an informed decision.

On the website of the Federal Aviation Administration, it is stated that you should, “Make sure your CRS (Child Restraint System, in other words, infant car seats) is government approved and has ‘this restraint is certified for use in motor vehicles and aircraft’ printed on it. Otherwise, you may be asked to check the CRS as baggage.” This will be required every time you intend flying with your child on board the airplane.

Diono Radian R100 Convertible Car Seat

The Diono Radian R100 convertible car seats come in two colors – stone and shadow. Although this will limit the number of available colors to choose from, the available colors seem nice. This convertible car seat from the Diono Radian family serves as both a rear facing (5 to 40 pounds) and a front facing (20 to 65 pounds) car seat for your infant.

It is manufactured from aluminum reinforced steel and energy-absorbing EPS foam for extra side impact protection. The Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam is used to surround most car seats and is meant to protect the child from all side impacts during the journey. This will cost about $230.00.


  • It folds flat like a school bag which makes it easily installed in most cars.
  • The reinforced steel frame of the Diono R100 provides the needed security for your child during every journey.
  • It can easily be set up and installed in most cars. There are clear instructions from the instructional manual that comes with your purchase – making installation possible in minutes.
  • The Superlatch system is superb. With just a click and the press of a button, you can fix the bar rectangle on the latch and pull it out easily.


  • While this model is slim and easy to use after installation, you may have to refer to the instruction manual all through the installation period. Compared with the Graco Nautilus 3-in-1, this model is less intuitive in terms of installation procedures.


The Diono Radian R100 convertible car seats provide complete safety and are perfect for your baby, especially with the reinforced EPS foam.


Cosco – Scenera 5-Point Convertible Car Seat

Like the Diono Radian R100, this is also a convertible car seat – it can be used as both a rear and a forward facing car seat. While your child will only be able to use this as a rear facing car seat when he/she is less than 5 years – according to safety standards – the transition to a forward facing car seat can be easy as you would not have to purchase another model for this purpose.

Another important feature of the Cosco Scenera convertible car seat is that it can easily fit your child with the 5-point harness system. The function of the harness is to enable the car seat to sit securely in the car so that the child on board can get the best position. The $90.00 convertible car seat also has a cup holder for keep a small cup and drink for your toddler while traveling.


  • It is FAA approved. Most FAA approved car seat have a sticker on them that says, “This restraint is certified for use in motor vehicles and aircraft”. The advantage of this is that you can use it in vehicles as well as an aircraft. You don’t have to have one for this and one for that.
  • If you are looking for a car seat that is not only narrow but also very light, this is it. The beauty of any car seat is that it is easy to be carried around for if that is not possible, you won’t be able to have your child close to you at all times.
  • This model is very cheap. Other models of the same quality and features are much more expensive.


  • The Cosco Scenera does not decline at all. It is a very rigid car seat.
  • Latch anchors might make mobility difficult as they might get in the way while you are moving the seat around. They also might not provide a tight fit, which is essential for most car seats.
  • It might be unsuitable for rear facing in a car, although, this depends on the kind of car you intend to use with this car seat. Most users have complained that it is very difficult for install in their car.


The Cosco – Scenera 5-Point Convertible Car Seat can be used as both a rear and a forward facing car seat which makes this a very versatile car seat that every parent should buy.


Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat

The Britax B-Safe Infant Car seat is another infant car seat from Britax, which displays a tangle-free, five-point harness for maximum safety. It is designed to provide full protection for your child and is built to be compatible with most strollers from Britax. This $300.00 infant car seat provides your growing child with accommodating harness height and buckle positions for a nice ride during every journey.


  • Highest car seat rating (5 stars) from NHTSA in their Ease of Use Ratings.
  • Durable and easy to use.
  • Very solid and sturdy construction.
  • The handle is built to accommodate your hands and feel ergonomic.


  • This car seat is very heavy. You have to try to keep it in the car with the stay-in-car base. This is because carrying your child around in it will tire out your arms.
  • The straps can easily twist while buckling it to the car.


The Britax B-Safe Infant Car seat provides extra protection with the five point harness, so you don’t have to worry about your baby’s safety.

We would also point out that all of Britax’s harnessed car seats are FAA approved and certified for use on aircraft. However please note that Britax’s belt-positioning booster seats are NOT FAA approved car seats and should not be used to secure your child on a plane.



The car seats in this article are approved by the Federal Aviation Administration. You can use these car seats on airplanes as well as motor vehicles. If you have a car seat that is not approved and are considering flying with a car seat, you will need to change to an FAA approved seat before you can do so. The 3 options that we have reviewed here could be a good choice for you.

The videos below from one of the above seat manufacturers, Diono show how to install their convertible seat on an airplane in either the rear facing or forward facing modes.


Robert is a father of a young daughter and has developed an expertise in child car seat safety. He is a keen supporter of the use of child safety systems having seen his daughter come away from a side impact collision unscathed due to the use of a child car seat. When he's not spending time reviewing child safety systems he works as a Technical Manager on major construction projects.

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