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Best Infant Car Seat Brands – Top 10 for 2020

Deciding what car seat to purchase for your child is a decision not to be made lightly. From the minute your little one is born, your priority will naturally be to ensure their safety. As your child grows, car seats play a significant role in this. However, with so many different brands all claiming to offer the […]

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When Can A Child Sit In The Front Seat?

All kids have a sense of adventure, and riding shotgun in the family car is one of them. But parents who give in to their child’s pleas to sit in the front seat too soon might be making a more dangerous mistake than simply possibly spoiling them. According to the CDC, car crashes in 2016 resulted […]

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European vs American Car Seat Belt Paths – Which Is Best?

Travelling with a baby is inevitable for a parent. This is why it’s important to buy a car seat that helps you stay mobile with your baby. Infant car seats come with an easy-to-install base that allows parents to attach the seat quickly with a simple snap and click. Unfortunately, it’s not always convenient or possible […]

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How Tight Should Car Seat Straps Be? Guide For Parents

Correctly using the car seat harness is one of the most important safety measures that parents should learn for their children. Unfortunately, it is also one common mistake that parents unknowingly make. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), close to half of car seats are improperly installed, which is a shame when […]

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When Can Kids Sit in A Booster Seat?

This is an important question which faces all parents with vehicles at some point in time. Using the correct car seat is an important part of keeping your child safe. Deciding when to use a car seat is easy when your baby is born, you can use a car seat straight away. It is trickier […]

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How To Put A Car Seat In A Shopping Cart Safely

If you want to know how to put a car seat in a shopping cart then you need to be aware of the dangers in doing this incorrectly: nearly 24,000 children are in accidents involving shopping carts each year. Here at Kid Sitting Safe we are committed to educating parents about child car seat safety […]

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