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How Tight Should Car Seat Straps Be? Guide For Parents

Correctly using the car seat harness is one of the most important safety measures that parents should learn for their children. Unfortunately, it is also one common mistake that parents unknowingly make. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), close to half of car seats are improperly installed, which is a shame when […]

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When Can Kids Sit in A Booster Seat?

This is an important question which faces all parents with vehicles at some point in time. Using the correct car seat is an important part of keeping your child safe. Deciding when to use a car seat is easy when your baby is born, you can use a car seat straight away. It is trickier […]

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How To Put A Car Seat In A Shopping Cart Safely

If you want to know how to put a car seat in a shopping cart then you need to be aware of the dangers in doing this incorrectly: nearly 24,000 children are in accidents involving shopping carts each year. Here at Kid Sitting Safe we are committed to educating parents about child car seat safety […]

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Rear Facing Tether – What all Parents Need to Know

As a parent, there are probably so many things that you find confusing about protecting a child – especially if it’s your first one. “What’s a rear facing tether and why do I need it?” “What’s the difference between rear-facing and forward-facing ones?” or “How does it affect the safety of my child?” There are so […]

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What To Do With Your Car Seat After An Accident

When it comes to the purchase of a car seat for kids, parents and caregivers put a lot of thought into it to get the best protection for their young ones. However, in most cases, the same attention is not given if an accident occurs. It is undeniable that car seats go a long way […]

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What is a CPST (Child Passenger Safety Technician)?

The world has technological advancements to thank for the ease in transportation witnessed in the 21 century as compared to previous times. However, this big step for man has come with its downsides: car accidents. Motor vehicle accidents have been recorded to be one of the leading causes of injuries and death among kids between […]

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