Baby Car Seat Covers Help Your Child Fight the Elements

Baby Car Seat Covers – Help Your Child Fight the Elements

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What is the difference between a baby car seat cover and car seat protector? We were asking this question ourselves while we were researching the best baby car seat covers. And thankfully, this is the review that is the result of our research.

The baby car seat cover is mostly a cover that is used in covering infant car seats and they look like blankets. Their main function is to protect your child from direct sunlight, cold weather, and other harmful elements.

As for car seat protectors, these are used to guard and protect car seat from wear and tear and sometimes even give them a new look after so many years of usage. They prevent the car seat from ripping, getting holes and remove the chore of cleaning. When they are installed on the car seat, it makes it easy to remove dust, crumbs, and other debris.

Consequently, there are a couple of options when it comes to baby car seat covers. And in this review, we have come up with those ones that have been around for some time and have earned positive reviews and high ratings from previous users.

Britax B-Covered All-Weather Car Seat Cover

The Britax B-Covered Infant Car Seat All-Weather Cover provides protection from harmful UV rays, rain, wind and insects. When used for sun protection, the full coverage fabric is UPF 50+ and blocks 98% of UV rays. For rain and wind, simply fold back the sun panel, and a clear shield keeps your baby dry and comfortable.

For insect control, the shield folds back to expose a large mesh window for increased ventilation and to keep your little one safe from bugs. The cover is custom designed for a sleek fit, easy installation and the ability to still access and rotate the car seat handle. The B-Covered installs in seconds using the existing car seat canopy.


  • 3 in 1 cover means it is good for all conditions
  • Good quality material
  • Although this is a Britax Car Seat Cover and hasn’t been tested by Britax for fitting onto other brands of infant car seat its design should allow for that flexibility. Amazon purchasers have commented that it fits other models of infant car seat perfectly, such as Graco, Chicco and Maxi Cosi.


  • Perhaps a major design flaw is that there is no tie down, magnet, velcro, etc for the sun cover (which is a flap that covers the plastic rain cover). Therefore, it often doesn’t stay shut in windy situations.
  • Works great when it’s on but it’s a little fiddly in order to get it on and fit right.


If you are looking for a 3 in one car seat cover that will be good for all seasons this handy Britax Car Seat Cover is a good solution for less than $25.


Carseat Canopy (Chevy) Baby Infant Car Seat Cover

This car seat canopy can be used on all makes and models of all infant car seats. It is designed to fit snugly around your baby car seat with a Velcro latch on each side. The Velcro is like a small little zipper on the cover that allows you to have a sneak peek at your sleeping baby without having to remove the whole cover.

It is built to shield your child from direct sunlight as well as cold weather, making it ideal for summer and winter. It comes in a stylish and cute design to fit your car seat perfectly. It costs around $20.00.


  • The Carseat Canopy (Chevy) is removable through the Velcro latch so that you can wash it in the machine with ease.
  • It is broad and extensive so that it can effortlessly go over most infant car seat models.
  • It is very easy to install on your infant car seat. It also poses a stress-free removal system.
  • The Velcro latch on this model is very durable.
  • It is manufactured from soft fabric and long lasting material.
  • It prevents your kid from direct sunlight and cold weather in summer and winter respectively.
  • It allows you to cover and uncover your baby conveniently.


  • It might become unstable during extreme wind.
  • It might not stay tight after it is installed.
  • It is not light; it will make your infant car seat a bit bulky and heavy while carrying.


The Carseat Canopy (Chevy) Baby Infant Car Seat Cover is perfect and fits tightly around your baby car seat. It also has a shield to protect your baby from direct sunlight which is an added bonus.


Summer Infant 2-in-1 Carry & Cover Infant Car Seat Cover

The Summer Infant 2-in-1 Carry and Cover infant seat cover features an elasticized boarder which helps it to fit snugly around any car seat model. It enables you to get a sneak peek of your little one without taking off the entire cover.

It is made from a breathable fabric so that it keeps your kid cozy in its infant car seat. These infants 2-in-1 carry and cover car seat cover also comes with an arm pad pocket where you can store it while it’s not in use. This will cost you around $16.00.


  • It is tested to work in unpredictable weather conditions.
  • It enables you to have your baby close to you at all times.
  • It helps keep away cold winds from your baby.
  • It covers the entire opening of all infant car seats.
  • It is machine washable.


  • It does not fit well in certain car seat models.
  • It is a bit bulky and heavy. Stuffing it in the arm pad pocket might be hard.
  • It is difficult to check on your child while it is covered in the infant car seat without removing the Velcro latch.


The Summer Infant 2-in-1 Carry and Cover infant seat cover offers a breathable fabric to keep your child comfortable while they are sleeping. Definitely worth it.


Jolly Jumper Infant Car Seat Weather Shield

The Jolly Jumper infant car seat weather shield is another uniquely designed car seat cover for protecting your child against the elements. It has ventilation holes for the baby to breathe, leaving your child in a cozy environment.

It is Phthalate free and can fit over most single strollers – additional bonus if you have a stroller for your infant car seat. This will cost you around $10.00.


  • It does what it says it will do.
  • It is cheaper than most car seat covers currently on the market.
  • It is easy to set up on infant car seat.
  • It protects your child during heavy downpours – it works best in winter.
  • It goes well with most infant car seats
  • The end can be flipped over the handle to provide some ventilation for the child inside the car seat.


  • It is a little bulky.
  • The canopy is easily heated. This is caused by the material so it is a good idea to uncover the baby at this point.


The Jolly Jumper infant car seat weather shield is perfect, while offering ventilation holes for your baby to breathe.



Although, car seat covers are not expensive, you may still want to look out for the cheapest option.

Out of all the infant car seat covers we reviewed here, the Summer Infant 2-in-1 Carry & Cover Infant Car Seat Cover is one of the cheapest. Although, it has a many features that might satisfy you, it is also a bit bulky.

For the best car seat cover with lots of features such as a removable Velcro latch, suitability for all infant car seats, you need to look at the Carseat Canopy (Chevy) Baby Infant Car Seat Cover with Attachment Straps and Minky Fabric. It is manufactured from soft and durable fabric and is perfect for your baby.

Alternatively the Britax Car Seat Cover that we have reviewed suits many car seats other than Britax and provides protection for your infant all year round and is a good quality option from a reputable brand.


Robert is a father of a young daughter and has developed an expertise in child car seat safety. He is a keen supporter of the use of child safety systems having seen his daughter come away from a side impact collision unscathed due to the use of a child car seat. When he's not spending time reviewing child safety systems he works as a Technical Manager on major construction projects.

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