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Authoritative vs Authoritarian Parenting Style

Baumrind parenting styles have become a common reference point to parenting. Authoritative parenting styles and authoritarian parenting styles are, by far, the most popular parenting styles. Although the two parenting styles are almost similar in pronunciation or spelling, their principles have a stark contrast.  The principles of the two styles create two unique approaches to […]

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Parenting Styles 101 – Which is Best?

Parenting is unique in different and similar cultures, which makes it impossible to identify a single category of parenting. However, despite the variations associated with parenting, there are plenty of similarities. Parenting styles are crucial to understanding how to raise kids as they have a huge impact on the life of a particular child. These styles […]

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Child Safety at Home – Top Tips for Parents

Child safety at home is paramount and can be a tricky task. Home is a cocoon for the children, yet many statistical pieces of evidence prove “hidden dangers” in a typical household. You might believe that you have plenty of time as your baby is not able to turn sideways, but we cannot underestimate the […]

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Best Infant Car Seat Brands – Top 10 for 2020

Deciding what car seat to purchase for your child is a decision not to be made lightly. From the minute your little one is born, your priority will naturally be to ensure their safety. As your child grows, car seats play a significant role in this. However, with so many different brands all claiming to offer the […]

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